PT. Infokom Internusa | Loop-AM3430 Access DCS-MUX
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Loop-AM3430 Access DCS-MUX

The Loop-AM3430 is an economical, cost effective Access DCS-MUXs that combine various digital access interfaces into E1 or T1 lines for convenient transport and switching. Through E1/T1 uplinks, the AM3430 provides access for voice and data communication over the network.

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This unit is a full cross-connect and can act as a mini DACS: one or more of the WAN ports can be used as a Drop & Insert function with fractional E1/T1 line, which can be muxed into a full E1/T1 line.
On the network side, the AM3430 has two E1/T1 ports supporting 1+1 and timeslot protections.

The AM3430 supports local control and diagnostics by using a VT-100 terminal connected to the console port. There are LED indications for all tributary interface modules. The AM3430 also supports Ethernet, Telnet, and SNMP, so that it can be controlled and diagnosed from remote locations. An in-band management channel is also available.

● 1 U height
● DS0 DACS (Digital Access Cross-Connect System) with full cross-connection
● Supports 4 x E1/T1 or 2 x Optical E1 and 4x E1 on board
● Supports 4 x hot-pluggable tributary slots
● Hot pluggable tributary interface modules including
– 4 x E&M
– 2 x Ethernet
– 4 x RS485
– 8 x RS232
– 8 x FXS
– 8 x FXO
– 2 x C37
– 1 x V35
– 4 x CD
● Hot swappable power Modules, dual power modules for redundancy
– DC power -48 Vdc (-36 to -72Vdc)
– AC power (100 to 240 Vac)
● Protection
– E1 or T1 1+1 protection
– E1 or T1 Timeslot protection
– Optical 1+1 protection
● Management
– Console port with VT100 menu-driven user interface
– SNMP port
– Telnet
– SNMP v1
– Inband management through 1 DS0 (64K)
● RoHS compliant

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