PT. Infokom Internusa | SV11-AV24, SYNC TO ASYNC ADAPTER
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SV11 AV24


The SV11-AV24 allows simplex 9600bps synchronous 8-bit data to be transmitted to asynchronous 19.2kbps data terminal equipment (DTE). The synchronous data interfaces supported are RS-422/449, V.35 and RS-530. The asynchronous data interface is RS-232.

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The SV11-AV24 Converter is designed to perform a simplex (one-way) conversion of synchronous V.11 data and clock signals to an asynchronous V.24 data signal. This conversion is accomplished by shifting synchronous input data into an 8-bit shift register using the interface clock, and then shifting the resulting “character” out serially at 19.2Kbps with start and stop bits inserted. Since there are more bits to transmit than received in a given period of time, the receive data clock rate can be any standard rate less the 19.2Kbps, e.g. 9600bps.

Two LED indicators provide operational status for the converter. The “FOP” LED provides a visible indication of the state of the FOP signal lead from the attached V.11 DCE. The “Data” LED indicates the state of the data signal sent to the V.24 DTE on RXD, and returns to OFF after each async character is sent.

Power for the Converter is supplied by the Async V.24 interface, specifically from the DTR and RTS signal leads. Provided one or both of these circuits are ON, there will be sufficient regulated power for the Converter to operate.

The Converter also provides direct connection of the CTS lead on the V.11 interface to the CTS lead of the V.24 interface, and of the FOP lead on the V.11 interface to the DCD lead of the V.24 interface.

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